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We and You
(Educational Closet )


Photo installation
La Casa Encendida, Madrid

A great part of my work has been dealing with the institution and what kind of place and role we play within it. While working at Twentieth Street Elementary School in Los Angeles (LAUSD),
I developed with my students a series of actions, which propose other ways of learning and behaving within the institutional framework. I was mainly interested  and focused in the idea of the students
not sitting down but moving and becoming instigators of knowledge, activity, disobedience, autonomy, even sometimes inverting their role as listeners and becoming active players. 
While thinking about what to do in the classroom and outside the classroom the figure of Fernand Deligny was always quite facinating for me. I used to play some of huis recordings to my
students to open uo other ways of seeing.

This is an installation of photographs with dimensions variable. Images and figures (children and adults) alternat changing scale and role (sometimes adults are children and children adults).

Some additional images focus on architectural details of the institution pointing to its normative and coercive role.

These elements as well as the furniture were used in some of the actions revealing the printed script which lays on the traditional place of learning.