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The Third Patio​:
Higueras y Cigüeñas

18.19 min

The abandoned site of La Algodonera is a set of lots that, like patios, have been reconquered by plant species of local origin. 

Its empty, roofless warehouses have become real orchards where wild fig trees, wild olive trees, date palms, hackberry trees or washingtonias grow freely without any kind of impositions or pruning while an abundant colony of storks occupies part of its cornices. 

These peripheral gardens or patios have given path to new plant ecosystems.  They allow us to visualize the existing possibility of an unregulated and indomitable nature, in other words a developing world of ecological anarchy where the green and a-cultural violence rebels against the anthropic action of the human being. 

This film is a visual testimony of a changing landscape process. The species of trees and shrubs, without human mediation but in constant movement and freedom, occupy and crack what once could be understood as progress.