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The Black Photos


B&W and Color

Group of black and white anological images taken at dark rooms in gay bars in the cities of Los Angeles, New York and Madrid between 1996 and 1997. A later color digital series was taken in 2010.

These images explore extreme formal notions of abstraction and figuration, commenting on the genre of monochromy, sublimation and gender space as well as the territory of the uncanny while flirting with minimalism from a very queer perspective. The images are almost black monochromies, only interrupted by the light of the cigarettes buds.

The photographs hung very close to the floor, becoming almost profound and impenetrable doors, where time and space have been frozen. A large vinyl label with the title/location is placed on the wall .

i.e. From Refugio/Madrid. Doc #3. 1996
Series of 60 images.