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Paths in the Afternoon / The Beginning of the Facts


Photographic project carried out in
the town of Bunyola (Mallorca-Spain).

This series of images signifies the landscape, nature and the events that take place in it. In these photographs, two key lines of my work converge for the first time: one focused on nature and another one developed around (un)-education in childhood in educational institutions (carried out in some series during  the mid-90s).

Based on the free school / green school Ses Milanes in Bunyola, this project proposes an approach to the lushness of the forest as the initial place for learning, to wild nature and the vindication of the wall less nonregulated or non instituional context. These landscapes and their remains trace an invisible human figure from an almost archaeological layer, which is still a way to understand our ecosystem.

These scenes suggest that some kind of physical activity  has been carried out. Its presence is evident in many details. It is not revealed what type of act has been carried out, but the clearings in the forest are evidente. Stones arranged in a particular way without a clear function refer to the sculptural place of the primitive or the prehistoric. Branches have been cut for an uncertain use. Fragments of abandoned plant species are found in a location where they do not belong.