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People Have Fun Too

2020, ongoing
Photo series and video

The Casa Real del Bosque de Valsaín was one of the royal palaces of the House of Austria in Spain. The architectural project and its remodeling respond to the wishes of the young Prince Felipe, who acts as regent for his father, Emperor Charles V. As a result of his training trips in Europe, the building incorporates different elements of the Renaissance style and north-European influences in a loosely organized and eclectic design such as the roofs of lead and slate or the towers crowned by spiers.

Since its fire in 1682, the different wings and structures of the palace have been disappearing, currently conserving only about twenty percent. 

The actual remains have been engulfed by small family housing buidlings developed in recent decades and by a large number of cabins, prefabricated modules and party booths painted in bright colors and decorated with typography and graffiti that allude to popular feeling and are closely linked to a re-reading of mythology from the mass media and popular levels. 

This photographic series investigates the relationship between the ruins of the Valsaín Palace and the new constructions that have arisen within its perimeter. 

The relationship between the diffenrent structures addresses tensions in language, scale and materials. At the same time different hierarchical orders collide, on one hand the palatial architecture, a clear example of high culture, on the other the popular constructions derived from the popular culture, bricolage and neo-rural tendencies.

A video documents the night activity during the summer festivities of Valsain when teenagers and popular music occupy a space reserved in the past for royalty.