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Lighting Work/ Dark Hole


Video installation on three channels
Sound design and original music: Enrique Borrajeros
44 minutes  


This video installation is made up of three projections made at the Numantino Museum in Soria. In these videos different aspects of the exhibition and internal scope of the museum become visible.

One shows an archaeologist-paleontologist (Abel) examining and classifying the collection of fossil materials (elephant and other mammals’ bones) from the Ambrona and Torralba sites in real time. This projection proposes the filmic materiality of the image as a scientific experience and observation in real time.

Faced with this almost tangible physicality to reconstruct the past in the present, a second video re-reads ceramics and archaeological objects isolated from the exhibition context of their showcases. The images bring their surfaces closer to the eye of the spectator, evidencing and signifying the fragmentary and the missing parts. These absences are dark areas that compete with the presence of the remains.

A third video navigates through the museum rooms in the dark of night, while the institution remains empty and closed. A fiction where light turns on and off with no clear reason.