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Disko Cheka


Site-specific mural installation
and set of watercolor preparatory

The architect Alphonse Laurencic built cells during the Civil War that he described as «psychotechnical» where he used Kandinsky’s ideas to decorate them. «Each cell – notes Boris Groys – looked like an avant-garde art installation. Laurencic tried to provoke disorientation, depression and sadness in the Francoist prisoners». Instead of being a manifestation of the spiritual, avant-garde art it served perfectly to torture.

Fernando Castro Florez >

“For example, I had known for a long time the watercolors that Álvaro Perdices made for his «disco-cheka» and that, when shown in relation to the FX Archive, are necessarily affected by their mechanisms, but that will also take their field of action elsewhere and, literally, the work of Álvaro Perdices deals with that, with the transfer of experience, of its alteration, a kind of psychotechnical reading of how gestures and affects operate, how their reading and effect is never unidirectional, and I think that this, precisely, may be one of the functions of the chekas, of how their Entries operate related in the FX File.“

Pedro. G. Romero >