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Destino Progreso 2008



Destino Progreso is a video installation made up of five independent video stations, posters and two sculptures.  The filming was done in the cities of Mérida and Progreso. Yucatán (Mexico). 

Each of the video installations adopts a different format, forming a video sculptural environment with different projections. 

The narratives and themes speak of the difference between object and subjet, exposing social hierarchies, local architecture  and avantgarde or religión and myths. The cultural time in which they take place is that of a strange post-colonial disorder. In one of them, a fictional politician calls for order from a fake podium while workers cut grass and eat bananas. 

In another, contemporary dancers dance between an audience and a replica of a Chinchen Itza pyramid. In a third, a group of visionaries seems to have attended a Marian apparition, while in another a group of immobile an fixed characters seem to have become statues.