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Cracks or Screams

Dimensiones variables

Cracksor Screams are a group of experimental projects developed around and involving school education. Children are not sitting down but moving.

They were invited to perform different types of activities outside the classroom taking an active and independent role in learning.

Language and content were found through physical and grupal activities such as digging-cleaning cracks in the playground, constructing body forms or inhabiting structure bars.

Screams consisted of performed situations where children were invited to scream in different manners, fill their mouths with as much air as they could, closing their eyes while looking at the sun or negate their faces to the spectator.  Issues of institutional behavior, individual and free learning inspire the form and structure of these works.

These situations or exercises were conducted with my students at Twentieth Street Elementary School in Southcentral Los Angeles. The resulting images became as well portraits of social representation, cultural identity and visibility.

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