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Black and Light


video proyection
2h 40 min

Black and Light is a filmic and photographic essay of the rooms and works of the Prado Museum. Its narration happens at night with the museum closed, scarce illumination or almost absence of light.

This filming proposes the visual experience of painting and the institution in four segments that address aspects such as pictorial writing, light and its absence, the interpellation of works and the filmic act as a performative reading of the paintings surface.

The duration of this film becomes a private encounter with the paintings in the museum.

The slowness and self-absorption of the camera allows an unusual approach. The distance from a documentary and informative vision leads each viewer to an individual experience of the works with proximity, intimacy, tactile, emotional or vital approach.

This filming is accompanied by a selection of small photographs that build another view of the dimly lit the Prado.

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