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47 Names


16 mm film transfered to DVD
Duration: 14 min

Colección MNCARS (Centro de Arte
Reina Sofía, Madrid) y Calcego (Barcelona)

47 Names is a film done in collaboration with 47 children from 20th street Elementary  school in Southcentral Los Angeles.

The protagonists are filmed while screaming their names to the sky following the instructions of a commanding voice that asks them again and again to shout their names lauder and lauder.

The film focuses on issues of portrait and demographics offering 47 Los Angelinos to the spectator with their gestures, names and voices. It is interesting to note that most of the names sent to the sky of Los Angeles are Spanish names followed by English commands.

The redundancy of the film suggests the existential and almost messianic act of screaming to heaven or the act of naming yourself loud as an inverted reaction to the self.