The Project MICROMUNDO CASABLANCA revolves around an existing oil rig named Casablanca that sits on the Mediterranean Sea close by to the coast of the city of Barcelona. The oil station is about 45 minutes by helicopter from mainland. Casablanca hosts an interesting diversity of people that vary in their professional, cultural and social backgrounds. Engineers, cooks, cleaners, officials and a nurse (all males) share an extremely contained space. Their nationalities are diverse, from Spanish to Polish, Chinese, Cuban or Moroccan. It is quite easy to find more than seven languages at the same time. Some of these men are single, others are married, fathers of families with wives and children, few are ex-convicts that just finish their assignments. Micromundo Casablanca consists of a visual Project where video and photography generate an installation that goes beyond documenting technical, social or environment aspects of the oil rig and its functions but the creation of a fiction based in the extreme and peculiar reality of a contained and isolated man made micro world. This project presents elements of human relationships, cultural translations, social interaction and male performance under the umbrella of the economic and environmental notion that oil might have today being framed within an island of steel. During Spring 2005 I visited Casablanca for the first time and I started to establish the first reading, exploring with photographic images aspects on the sculptural, the landscape and narrative encounters where I could trace behavior and human presence without bodies. REPSOL/YPF, the company/owner of the oil rig station stopped for internal reason its collaborationand the project is unfinished.